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Thursday 22 August, 2019 | RSS Feed

Runners and Cyclists Can Share the Pearl Izumi Zephrr Jackets

Men, especially nowadays, are also concerned about looking good, especially when they mount their bikes. This is why they tend to purchase jackets that make them look stylish and highly fashionable. Still, of course, they are well aware that their safety and warmth are the still enlisted as the top priority.

One of the jackets that are highly recommended in various cycling clothing guides today is the Pearl Izumi Zephrr Jacket. This jacket is extremely light on the body but is still sturdy enough to protect the cyclist from any weather condition that is less than the ideal.

It is best for cycling during the worst weather conditions that cyclists are still able to safely cycle through, such as strong gusts of wind, and the huge and heavy drops of rain, since this Jacket is resistant to both wind and water. This makes it one of the most sought-after pieces of cycling apparel today.

This jacket has also been modified to cater to the needs of those who are intending to be warm and safe from harm when they are running. This is why the creators of the Pearl Izumi Zephrr Cycling Jacket also came up with the Pearl Izumi Zephrr Running Jacket.

The latter has been given a softer look despite installing more materials for resisting wind and water elements. Also, the running counterpart has more flattering lines. It is still as lightweight as its cycling brother, and is still created with the very same polyester material.

Both jackets are smooth and supple to touch. Moreover, they are pretty easy to stow once the cyclists or the runners have warmed up. To control or manipulate the provision of warmth, they can easily adjust the full-length zipper that can be found at the front side of the jacket, just like a simple on or off switch for the light. Apart from that they also have a micromesh lined collar that serves as the jacket's insulator.

Wearers of these Jackets do not have to concern themselves with wet armpits since these jackets have underarm ventilation areas that keep them cool and completely dry. Basically, the Pearl Izumi Zephrr Jackets, both for cycling and running, have impressed a huge percentage of today's professional cyclists and runners. This is the main reason why this particular jacket is regarded as one of the top-selling ones.

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