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Divorce Advice For Women - Protect Yourself

You're probably thinking about divorce or maybe your divorce has already started and you need some advice. Divorce is a stressful and emotional experience and for many, like myself, can become a nightmare. Are you discovering that your divorce is not turning out as planned? Is your husband bad mouthing you to your lawyer and everyone you know? Does your husband want more child custody just so he doesn't have to pay more child support? Does he believe you do not deserve the house, the cars, the dogs, or retirement fund? Divorces can get nasty. They start off well, you're both in agreement, but then the lawyers start putting ideas in your head about property and custody.

Getting Started With The Basic

First thing first when it comes to divorce is money. I know it's sad but true. Why make it about money when it should be about getting out of a loveless, manipulative and controlling relationship. It should be about protecting the children and the welfare of everyone involved. However, lawyers, court fees, mediation, evaluations and expert witnesses are going to cost money to help you plead your case. Step one is to prepare financially. If you don't have any money for a lawyer, then you should start cutting expenses and putting money aside until you can afford one. Make room on credit cards and ask friends and family to borrow as much as they can give you help you out. I know, you shouldn't burden others with your financial situation, but it's better to owe your friends and family money for the next few years than it is to endure another day in a bad marriage.

Daily Diary

Keep a journal of every fight and argument you have with your husband so you can recall dates and information really easy. The worst thing you can do is say something negative about your husband without anything to back it up. Write down how it started, what was said and how it ended. Do not leave out details and make sure to record the date and time the conversion started. Also note down anything your husband says he is going to fight for and keep good notes on anything he says he is willing to give you without a fight.Sometimes husbands change their minds about what they want to fight for once they get a lawyer. Keep notes on everything

Property Records and Finances

Make sure your name is on everything you want to fight for, including houses, cars, bank accounts with money and retirement funds. If your name is not on any of these pieces of property, you could end up not getting your fair share of them. Start investigating your husband's income, bank statements, paystubs and anything else you can discover he has of value. Remember anything he has purchased while married, even if your name is not on it, you could be entitled to. Start saving money in a separate bank account or in cash. Most of all make sure you have enough to hire a lawyer as soon as you're ready to file divorce or as soon as he hires his own lawyer. You want to be the first to act in a divorce.

Lawyers, Divorce Guides, Divorce Coaches and Child Custody

Remember, unless you both agree to divorce and who gets what property, that divorce is a battle and you must be prepared legally and mentally. Hire a good lawyer that will fight for you and one that is affordable for you. Do not price shop a lawyer, because you get what you pay for. Interview your lawyers to find a good match. Once you have found a lawyer get yourself some good books and guides on divorce. These guides will give you inside strategies your lawyers are not willing to dish out unless you have lots of money to fight with. If you can afford it, find a divorce coach to tell you what to do each step of your divorce processes. Last but absolutely not least, get your hands a hold of some guides on how to win child custody. Lawyers do not give out much advice on how to win custody, but they will surely spend the money putting up the fight. Educate yourself on what matters when it comes to child custody and evaluations.

Be prepared financially, legally and educationally. Take charge of the divorce process and always stay on offense. The first one to act will get the upper hand. Do not wait for him to get a lawyer first.